Happy couple unpacking boxes in living room at new home
Date Published
June 18, 2020

When it comes time to move, finding a new place to call home is just one of the many items to cross off your to-do list. Safely transporting your personal belongings from one location to the next is another equally important task.   

From family heirlooms to expensive technology devices that make your home smarter and your life easier, some household items require a certain technique in order to pack up safely and ship to a new destination. There’s nothing worse than opening a moving box in your new home, only to discover a huge crack in the middle of your TV screen, especially after its warranty has expired.   

At AAA Movers, we take the hassle out of transporting your belongings using a variety of packing and storage boxes to fit every piece of furniture or device in your home! A common question we get from our clients is how to pack a TV so that it doesn’t get damaged during the move. To help you keep your tech investment safe during your upcoming local or long-distance relocation, check out these tips for packing your flat-screen TV for a damage-free moving experience.  

5 Best TV Packing Tips 

Step 1 – Take a Snapshot: Though many of us like to think that our memory is up to the task of knowing which cords connect to what input, remember that you have a lot going through your mind with the move, and it’s best to give your brain a break, so you can focus on other important tasks during the relocation. We recommend you take a quick photo of how your TV is set up using your smartphone. Trust us! You will be grateful you did this, and it will cut the time it takes you to set up your TV in half! 

 Step 2 – Disassemble with Care: Detach all cords, remove legs, and unscrew your TV from its mound. We recommend that you keep all small parts in a plastic bag, which you can tape to the back of your TV monitor. This is also a great time to give your flat screen TV a quick dusting before packing it up! 

 Step 3 – Wrap Your TV Set: Using foam or a thick blanket, wrap your TV so that it’s securly padded around each side. Make sure to wrap it around tightly and secure it with tape or rope so it doesn’t slip or move while inside the box. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your cords are safely positioned to the back of the TV stand and that they are nowhere near the screen.  

Step 4 – Box Your TV: Pack your TV inside a moving box. If you notice you have some extra space in the box, fill this area with foam or bubble wrap, so the TV doesn’t move.  

Step 5 – Load TV onto Moving Truck: When you load the box into a moving truck, remember to keep it upright and placed securely between a mattress, dresser, or another flat, sturdy object, so it won’t wiggle or shift during transit.   

Need Help Moving Your Flat Screen TV? 

No matter what belongings you need to relocate, trust AAA Mover to deliver everything on time and in one piece. Our team is experienced in moving both fragile and expensive pieces of furniture safely, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire moving process.  

We have all the equipment, support, and resources you need to make your move seamless and catered to your schedule. For a free moving quote, fill out our online form. To speak with a moving specialist, reach out to us today to help plan your next move with confidence!